Author Interviews

This page contains links to my interviews with authors and other publishing professionals.

Priscilla Chaves and the Art of Designing Book Covers
Excerpt: "Frequently I check in to make sure I'm getting the right vision they want for their book. Normally there's back and forth until we decided on something we both like."

Excerpt: "I have found myself doing some tweaking and editing!"

Tami Lewis Brown talks about The Map of Me.
Excerpt: "This scene is all about things that are unsaid or cannot be said in the Tempest household."
Excerpt: "As every serious writer knows, professional editing is a must in producing a professional book."
Excerpt: "Research begins with books and libraries but it is more than reading. You need to experience the culture. Listen, observe, feel the pace and rhythm of the culture"

Excerpt: "It's a thrill to be part of the team planting the very first libraries for kids and bringing professional development in literacy to the teachers who will teach them. . . . It's amazing to see the ripple effect of little things"

Rukhsana Khan talks about writing and culture.
Excerpt: "If writers were painters, words would be like brush strokes. You never want the person observing the finished masterpiece thinking about the brush strokes. You want them to see and feel the entire work."

Uma Krishnaswami: author and writing teacher.
Excerpt: "I take more risks. I have to because I see my students doing exactly that, and I’m encouraging them to do so." 

Kimberley Griffiths Little: setting, characters, and book trailers.  
Excerpt: Well, my characters often find me. They just walk up to me when I’m doing any of my daily activities and introduce themselves.

Excerpt: After that, I’ll try to come up with what I call my first draft – a novel length manuscript with a compelling protagonist and internal and external arc.  Once I have that, I’ll revise.  Of course, it’s entirely possible that that first draft and all its story arcs will be thrown out.

Excerpt: "In the app the user can elect to dig deeper into this or that topic, or not; . . .  As the author I’ve provided you with various elements that interact with both story and surroundings."

Laura Watkinson, translator.
Excerpt: "If the book’s well written, the voice is strong enough to flow through into the translation naturally."

Gita Wolf, publisher
Excerpt: "That is one of our aims--to welcome different voices and subjectivities to speak to us. It is this variety which brings unexpected richness into creative work."

Excerpt: ". . . now I tend to hold one chord of three or four colors in my head as the color basis of a book."

Writing influences: Short interview about writing influences with Uma Krishnaswami, Margaret Bechard, and Rose Green.