Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Translating Books--Interview with a translator

Ever wonder about books (English) whose foreign rights are bought and are then published in other countries?
What about books we read that were originally published elsewhere? (Examples: Moomin books, Babar the Elephant, Pippi Longstocking, The Little Prince, Emil and the Detectives)
What do all these books have in common?
They are all translated.

What goes on behind the scenes in the translation process?

I wanted to know, so interviewed Laura Watkinson, translator.
She discusses the translation process and gives incredible insights.

You can find the interview HERE.

To whet your appetite:
“You shouldn’t think though that the text is writ in stone just because it’s already been published in the original language. Sometimes, at this stage, an editor will make changes . . . ”

Monday, March 28, 2011

Foreign Rights (I'm in the Tollbooth today)

I'm posting in the Tollbooth this week and invite you to visit me there. Today I talk about selling foreign rights and the Bologna Children's Book Fair. I share three common things that publishers, editors and agents do to help them sell foreign rights while at international book fairs.

Click on this link to read my post.
Hope to see you there.

(Through The Tollbooth is a group blog of alumni from Vermont College of Fine Arts.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Auctions to benefit victims in Japan

There are several auctions going on to benefit the victims in Japan

Children's Authors and Illustrators for Japan is conducting an auction during the next few weeks to raise funds for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. (Money is donated directly to the charity organization--they suggest UNICEF.)
"Items include signed books, advance reader copies, artwork, critiquing services, book-related swag, author visits, or the chance to name a character in an upcoming book."
Go here to see this auction.

Writehope is another online site where writers and other publishing professionals are auctioning off books and critiques. This auction will donate money to the Japan Earthquake and Tsumani Children in Emergency Relief Fund.

Writers for the Red Cross is another place with an auction this month. More books. More critique services. Lots to choose from.

Authors for Japan
(in the UK) raised over 10,000 pounds with their auction!!

Thank you to all who organized and donated to these fund raising efforts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check out Battle of the Kids' Books at School Library Journal

I'm enjoying the 2011 Battle of the Kids' Books over at School Library Journal. It is a fun rumpus to watch from the sidelines.

Each day two books go head to head in a single elimination match, and a judge (each day a different well-known author) declares one book the winner. This book advances to the next round. The competition began with 16 books.

The judges' explanations are entertaining and insightful. For example, today the judge had to choose between a nonfiction book about Barbie and fiction book with Pablo Neruda as the main character. Yesterday, a fantasy book and a historical book set in the 60's were the opponents.

Battle of the Kids' Books is also a delightful way for me to discover more great books to read.