Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Links for year-end "best" book lists

Many review sites publish year-end lists which bring books I might not have noticed to my attention. Since I live overseas and can't browse in a bookstore, I rely on word of mouth and lists like these for the books that I buy. (Books make great gifts for birthdays and holidays.)
There are so many books on these lists I want to read!

New York Times 2010 Best Illustrated Children's Books list
This list includes Big Red Lollipop by Rukhsana Khan--a great story with wonderful illustrations.

Kirkus: their complete best list.
Here is Kirkus' Fantasy and Science Fiction list. Kathi Appelt's Keeper, a memorable read, is on this list.
And here is a useful link to about 15 other categories, including picture books, graphic novels, historical, animals etc.

School Library Journal's 2010 Best Fiction and Best Picture Books. Keeper is again on this list, as well as Rita William Garcia's One Crazy Summer, both books which I enjoyed.

Also, Publisher's Weekly Best Children's Books 2010.

Fuse #8 at School Library Journal shares her favorite 100 books of the year. I've read several books on her list, including the stunning Palace Beautiful by Sarah DeFord Williams.

It is the time of year to snuggle up with a book, ideally in front of a roaring fireplace (which I don't have in my apartment, but I can imagine it), while the snow falls outside.

Frankfurt Holiday photos

I took all of these photos during the past few days in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

This is part of a window display in the Galleria on the Zeil. All the stuffed animals are moving: the bears sledding, the ducks pulling the sled, and more bears and other animals circling on the ski lift in the back left.
(The Galleria is a great department store with a wonderful bakery, a large chocolate section, a bookstore, and more.)

Downtown Frankfurt. The Römer, Frankfurt's city hall for 600 years, is behind the towering Christmas tree. The tree stands in a large square where part of the Christmas market stands.

I took this next photo in Grüneberg Park.

This is a trail I often walk on here in Frankfurt.

A cafe, open summers, in Grüneberg Park. I like the two snowmen, one standing, one fallen.

I wish the cafe was open in the winter. It would be a great place to grab a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow fall.