Friday, February 17, 2012

Link Medley: Subverting Expectations, Marketing, Dinosaurs, and more

This is a wonderful and insightful essay: Subverting expectations by Uma Krishnaswami.

Check out a series of great posts by Janet Fox about marketing and publicity.

Sucker Literary Magazine is a new literary magazine for young adults. To find out more, read Mima Tipper's interview with the editor, Hannah Goodman. Also--this online magazine is a great place to submit young adult short stories.

One of my favorite books from my childhood was a time travel story into the time of dinosaurs. So of course I'm excited for Greg Leitich Smith's soon-to-be-released novel, Chronal Engine. He is celebrating it with photos of writers with dinosaurs. Check out my photo with the Frankfurt dinosaur over on his blog.

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Joni said...

Sarah, this is unrelated to anything but this was the fastest way to get to you to say - Hey! I just realized YOU are Sarah_Create on the blueboards! :) Cool.