Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photos from my trip to Northern China

I uploaded some photos from my trip to Beijing, the Great Wall and Xi'an to my flickr. You can see them here.

I'll post a few of my favorites below.

These two pictures were taken at the Great Wall at Ju Yong Guan near Badaling

The following picture is a detail of the roof at the Lama Temple in Beijing.

Fried Scorpions, anyone? What about silk worm larva? And more delicacies?
I wasn't brave enough to chomp into one of these. And yes, you eat the whole thing!

The Temple of Heaven. The first photo is a detail of roof tiles and the next picture is taken from a sacrificial mound looking toward the northern part of the temple complex.

This next photo was taken at the Ming tombs. It is the top of an outdoor balustrade.

The following pictures were taken in/near Xi'an.The first photo was taken on the Goose Pagoda grounds in Xi'an. The next photo is of of bricks that are part of the huge, absolutely huge, ancient wall of Xi'an. They are signed. If a brick broke the maker would be executed. Now that is extreme quality control! (I think if you click on the photo it will be larger.) The last picture is a closeup of some of the Terra Cotta Warriors.

The train ride to Xi'an was quite interesting. We took the night train. There is no privacy because there are no doors to the sleeping compartments--luckily there were 6 of us and 6 bunks arranged 3 high on a side are in one compartment, or we'd have had to share with strangers. The squat toilets open to the track which flies by underneath.

I also enjoyed the Beijing Capital Museum. I'd suggest visiting this museum to anyone who visits Beijing.


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous pictures. The detailing and colors they put on their buildings are so amazing.

Janni said...

Lovely pictures! I especially like the worn old steps--something evocative about seeing old stairs others have walked before you.

Also, interesting to realize that while I'm perfectly willing to try Hákarl (once, anyway), the fried scorpions give me pause. Not sure if I could eat them or not.

Always good to know where one's limits are, I suppose ...

Liz Jones said...

Wow-- these are just spectacular! And the poor brickmakers.. :o(

CafeNowhere said...

I know it's petty, but I'm glad to be a vegetarian when I look at that market photo!

The grandeur, the scope of these architectural endeavors is stunning! I've always admired the terra cotta warriors. There's something surreal about them that transcends culture.

Lisa B.

Michelle said...

What fabulous photos, Sarah! But, oh, the scorpions, etc... I don't think I would be brave enough for those. :/

Angela said...

Oh my sounds like you were in the "hard seats" section of the sleeping trains! don't you just love the egg shells / orange peals on the floor? Until someone comes around with a mop and boiling water to pour on the floor.

You are an AMAZING photographer!