Tuesday, January 11, 2011

VCFA Residency

Today I was a guest blogger on Through the Tollbooth. Head on over there to read it.

This was a busy first day of my final Vermont College residency. It was electrifying to be in the room with Rita Williams-Garcia when the Newbery honor award was announced. This evening's highlight was the terrific opening address given by Katherine Paterson.

It is wonderful to be on campus again with a community of writers committed to writing stories for children and young adults.


Rose Green said...

I bet it was fun to be there during the ALA awards! I always like going to Verla's then because someone from there usually gets something. So fun to celebrate the success of someone from your "tribe"!

Angela said...

Sarah - what an amazing experience ...as are all of your adventures at VCFA!

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

It was a wonderful residency. The energy of being on campus is something I will miss.