Saturday, April 2, 2011

Celebrate International Children's Book Day today

Today is International Children's Book Day.
Celebrated on Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, its purpose is to "inspire a love of reading."

IBBY (International Board on Books) chooses a different international sponsor (country) each year to design a poster and write an inspiring message. IBBY promotes the day worldwide.

Last year was Spain. This year it is Estonia. You can this read year's inspiring message "The Book Remembers" here.

With the Bologna fair this week, combined with my posting on the theme of international books in the Tollbooth, I've been thinking a lot about international books this week and how important books are to children and readers around the world.

Story is universal. Books cross cultural borders and allow readers to experience and explore the world.

Also related to international kids' books: I posted yesterday in the Tollbooth about International Children's Book Awards.

To celebrate International Children's Book Day, I'm going to browse my shelf of translated books from different countries I've lived in and enjoy reading a few of these books again.

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