Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plotting resources

Janet Fox talks about plotting on her blog this week.

As I read her post (where she talks about using a plot chart, the 3 act structure, and turning points--which are placed in specific points in her books), I glanced at my bookshelf. Although I have a few books which discuss plot, I don't own many books that focus on plot. I have three: Story, a screenwriting book by Robert McKee, Aristotle's Poetics (of course), and The Hero with A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. In addition I have notes from some great lectures given by M. T. Anderson on structure (and plot) while I was attending Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Janet includes an excerpt from an article she wrote in her blog post, and it's worth heading over to her blog to read that.
The complete article is included in a book titled Advanced Plotting. Several authors contributed to this book, so I assume a wide range of approaches to plot are discussed in the book.
Until September 3rd this book is free!! (After the promo it is 99 cents.)

So if you want to read several writers' thoughts on plot head over to Janet's blog where there are links and the code you can enter for the free e-book.

Do you have any favorite writing craft books that focus on plot?


Rose Green said...

Cheryl Klein's book, Second Sight! She knows more about plot than anyone I know. (There is a lot more than just plot in that book, of course.)

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

Yes! I love that book. (I think of it as a book about revision and writing.) It does have great discussions about plot.

Rose Green said...

We've also been studying Save the Cat! by Phillip Snyder (er, I think that's right). It's for screenwriting, and there are some differences between books and movies, but it's a useful resource, nonetheless.