Saturday, September 10, 2011

Images and the Illusion of Reality in Fiction

I posted in Through the Tollbooth blog this week.

I wrote about a topic I've been considering recently: how does fiction becomes real while we are writing or reading.
One important element of this is producing images in the readers' minds.

Crafting fictional worlds and the illusion of of reality is part of the art of writing.

On Monday (Virtual Reality or how Words Can Create images) I looked at how descriptive details, active verbs, and setting allow the image to be formed. When crafting the sentence (and the associated image) every word counts.

 Images and emotion was Wednesday's topic. Here's a quote: "Emotional images are the wings of a virtual world." I consider how senses, dialogue, and the unseen can help produce powerful images.

Friday's post (Images at the Story Level) is where I look at the bigger picture. I discuss two major elements of creating images and the illusion: repetition or accumulation of images and continuous, consecutive images.

If you want to read the complete posts and see the examples I share click on the links above.

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