Friday, September 23, 2011

Teaching Masterclass in Amsterdam

I'm teaching a writing masterclass at the Netherlands SCBWI conference in Amsterdam on November 5th.

The conference will be held at ABC Treehouse, and the theme is Publishing in the Global Market. Other presenters include Doug Cushman (illustrator and writer), Ben Norland (art director at Walker Books), Martine Schaap (publisher), Omar Curiëre (app designer ), Erzsi Deàk (literary agent) and Siobhan Wall (artist and writer).
This is a very nice conference, and writers and illustrators from many countries in Europe are attending.
(The registration deadline is October 1st.)
If you live in Europe, consider attending this regional conference.

Also coming up, in October, is the Frankfurt Book Fair.  Iceland is the guest of honor, and since I lived in Reykjavik for a couple years, I'm looking forward to their special exhibits and program. If anyone wants me to look for a specific book or take a photo of your book at its booth, comment here and I will see if I can find it.

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