Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amsterdam -- Photo Tour, plus SCBWI Netherlands Conference

Last Friday, I took the high speed train from Frankfurt to Amsterdam to attend an SCBWI conference where I taught a writing masterclass on Saturday morning. Mina Witteman, the regional advisor, organized a stellar conference. Check out the post conference write-up at the SCBWI Netherlands website.
I dashed out during a break and bought several packages of delicious stroopwafels from a grocery store to bring home. (They are what my kids wanted me to buy for them.)

It was my first time to visit Amstersdam and I took a ton of pictures.  Here is a brief photo tour.

A canal, with a view of boats, bikes, and townhouses.
This photo is taken from a bridge.

Construction project on a canal.


A bike and a door.
This type of bike, with a carrier in front, is common.

Wall mural--mosaic tile combined with bas-relief painted figures.

Modern wall mural

 Entrance to a mall. 
Note the old archway entrance with statues on top.

Dam Square and a mime. 
About six mimes were performing the day I walked through this square.

Lamp post--detail of metalwork. 
The city lamps use gas to make the light, so they give a cool glow. 
(The actual light bulb isn't in this photo, but I am most fascinated by the details here.)

A canal at night. I like this photo, because it shows the intersection of one canal into the canal that runs to the left and right of this photo.

All photos copyrighted by Sarah Blake Johnson

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