Friday, August 22, 2008

Typhoon approaching

Typhoon Nuri (a level 8 storm) will hit my area soon. It is passing over Hong Kong right now. We are inland a bit, so I assume the storm will lessen before it arrives.

My kids are coming home early from school. I just got the phone calls. There are signs posted near the elevators in my building warning us to stay indoors and to make sure drains are clear and windows are shut.

The wind is blowing. The palm trees branches are really moving, but the trunks aren't bending. Not yet. This wind feels like a normal wind in Iceland, but I'm sure it will grow stronger in the next few hours.

We live on an island and I have no idea what a bad storm will do to transportation or to the water levels of the river. Or if we will lose electricity.

Fridge is full and I have a lot in my cupboards. Even so, I'm headed to the store to buy some extra food. Some fun food for my kids.


Anonymous said...

This looks great -- I love the slideshow :) I hope the food you find isn't the, um, more interesting fare I see in the pictures, hehe.

And I hope you're all safe!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're blogging. I'll add this to my Bloglines.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi Sarah! You're in my bloglines now which is like *friending* on Live Journal so I'll see your new posts every morning.

Glad you made it safely to China! The typhoon sounds daunting though.

janni said...

Stay safe! And report back after, too!

Sarah said...

Oh man! I am so excited you can blog again! Good luck with the storm!

Christy Lenzi said...

Hi Sarah! I'm glad you're blogging. Your pictures are really interesting. Was everything okay with the storm?

I've got you on my favorites, but I've not heard of "Bloglines" before. I have an old account, so maybe it's not offered. If anyone can tell me how to do that, I'd appreciate it.

Christy Lenzi said...

Ah! Nevermind about the Bloglines--I found the link/info at the bottom of your page. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear from you. I hope you and your family come through this storm alright.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found a way to keep posting! Stay safe during the storm.

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

The storm wasn't as bad as predicted. We only had rain and wind. Luckily there were no problems close to me.

I'm not familiar with bloglines--I'm glad it works. I've been trying out google reader this past month; I should check out bloglines and see how it works.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Bloglines is great for all the blogs you want to read that are not friends on Live Journal. It's one-stop blog reading, and free to set up. When you have a blog open you just click "Sub With Bloglines" tab and it puts every blog you want into one list so you can read them and see which ones have new posts without having to individually go to each one. It's great!
Go here:

minivanmafia said...

Hi Sarah,

I found your livejournal blog when searching for MFA annotations. I am an MFA student in a low-res program also living in China with my kids. I am in Jiangsu province... Are you still in a program or have you finished?

You can access your other blog with either a VPN or a proxy.


Sarah Blake Johnson said...


It's nice to meet you. My family hopes to visit up North. We are thinking of taking the train--for the experience.
How long have you lived in China? We've been here for almost a month.

I'm in my first semester at Vermont College. I'm specializing in for writing for children and young adults.
Which MFA program are you in?

I'm also on goodreads. Several of us in the program put our annotations of our reading on that site.

I'm not sure how to set up VPNs or proxies. Maybe a son can figure it out.

Maripat said...

I'm glad you're back online and hugs on the weather. What a way to start. Take care and I hope you all are okay.

Dawn Buthorn said...

Hey Sarah-I'm glad to hear everything turned out all right. I'm also glad you found a way to blog! How did your first packet go?