Saturday, August 30, 2008

What my children would never learn in the US

My seven year old daughter flagged a taxi today. With confidence.

Is this a normal thing for a child to do?
She better not flag a taxi when I'm not with her.


Angela said...

Ahhh... my youngest did this when she was five. We were walking down the street in a major EU city and she was lagging behind (and complaining about walking), when I turned around she was waving at every passing cab!!! Thankfully we were in a big city where you have to cue at designated areas for a cab. How are you adjusting to the traffic situation??

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

The traffic isn't bad. Normal big city traffic. Less insane than Sao Paulo! We don't own a car so don't drive. I walk, bike, take the bus or use taxis.