Thursday, October 2, 2008

Danger Working

Danger Working

"Danger working, keep away trom the wall"
This sign is across the alley from the front entrance of my youngest child's school. I'm not sure what the Chinese characters say on the sign.

My imagination went to work.

Is Danger a character?
Or is Danger something else?
Is there a story in this sign?

I want to include Danger in a story I write. The ideas are swirling.

Signs like this (or notes from school) are not a rare occurrence. In every country I've lived there are mistranslations. Translating is hard and a native should always read to insure accuracy. I've read papers (in English) for very educated people who realized they need a native speaker to check their grammar and word usage.


Anonymous said...

And, what exactly is it that Danger does for work? Does s/he have a special type of work or way of working? What work was being done at that wall? This could be a very fascinating thing to investigate.

Melinda said...

I occasionally get strange fortunes out of cookies.

This is the latest.

Let hatred turn into friendship because of your existence.

I'm nost surprised that while living in China you get a lot of the same thing.

Ooh, Danger as a character, like Death? Love it.

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

edawn and melinda:

Danger as a character could be fun.
Just need to figure out who he/she is, what he/she does and why.

I think it is a seed of a story idea. It is interesting to consider. Maybe a story will emerge someday. Ideas come from the oddest places, sometimes.