Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Garden of Idiom

We visited Yuexiu park.

I like this sign.
(Luckily it is also in English.)
The name gives me lots of fun writing ideas. It would be fun to create a fable garden of idiom in a story. What an interesting setting.

I love the settings in stories. Changing the setting changes a story just as much as changing a character will change the story.

This wall is from the Ming Dynasty. (Around 1400)

The ancient tree roots have become one with the wall.

Yuexiu park is huge. It is also very, very crowded. It is hard to explain how crowded the park is. It is hard for me to fathom (even though I was there) how such a huge park (similar in size to Central Park in NYC) can have so many people in it. It was a challenge to take pictures without people in them; the photo of the wall does have a few people.

We became the site to see. People kept counting our kids and whispering to each other, snapping photos of us with their cell phones, and a few people asked (in Chinese and English) if they could have their photos taken with us.

We are fairly noticeable. We were the only foreigners in the park. Plus, we had kids with us! I'll never get used to being stared and pointed at.

We ate ramen noodles for lunch. We couldn't resist when we saw the ramen noodle stand.

The Chinese parks are beautiful with their walking paths (paved with decorative stones) and lakes and flowers and traditional architecture.


Anonymous said...

That is a great name for the garden. I can see why it inspires story ideas. *g*

I love those pictures, especially the one with the wall that's overtaken by tree roots.

Anonymous said...

Once again thank you so much for sharing these pics!

Sarah Blake Johnson said...

I'm glad you like the pictures. Some days it is fun to wander with a camera.

Melinda said...

What an amazing place. China must be such an adventure. I'm glad that we can see and hear about it from you.